Rain Season in Jakarta

Jakarta now is entering rain season. Every morning is always dark cloud or rainy. Usually I used motorcycle to office but till Friday I decided to take public bus for my activity. Why? Because like last week I was can’t go anywhere, stuck at my office. Heavy rain condition makes me think twice to go home. At that day I left my motorcycle to office boy. Even I used public bus, I still stuck on the bus because some area in Jakarta flood and traffic jam. If I used motorcycle to office only take 45 minutes. But by bus takes normally 2 hours but in that situation takes more than 3 hours. Even distance range from my home to office about 30 km. I wasting a lot of my precious time. I overcome this situation by bring magazine or newspaper, a mineral water bottle, and mp3 player. Try to sleep but I can’t. Like today, I stuck in my trip. Late to my office because heavy rain. Everyday likes Sunday? I don't think so. This is not likes Sunday when you arrived at office in wet condition. I hopes not get flu.
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