Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport

This picture I take when transit at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar, South Sulawesi. This airport located about 17 kilometer from Makassar. The terminal is new opened on August 2008. I transit only 30 minutes so I have not enough time bought Makassar traditional food or souvenir.

Jerry Yang: Yahoo! Founder

(photo: Jerry
Jerry Yang, a Taiwan citizen grow up in San Jose - California, is one of Yahoo! creator and founder, the most popular search engine application on internet that begin to developed Yahoo! with his friend David Filo in 1994 and then known as Yahoo! Inc Company in 1995. Yang is one of the world class innovators and leaders that bring Yahoo become number one search engine application. At this time Yang position as Director Board member, that hat duty together with Yahoo! President and CEO to develop company business strategy to directed company in the future. Jerry hold BS academy title in electric engineer major from Stanford University.

Larry Wall : Innovator of Perl Scripting Language

(photo: Larry
In the scripting programming world who doesn’t know about this man. He is Larry Wall, innovator of Perl scripting language with famous Camel logo. Larry Wall is Greece citizen. In his daily operational system, he used operating system application based on BSD, HPUX, Sun OS/Solaris, and some other platforms.

Miguel de Icaza : Innovator of Window Manager Gnome

(photo:miguel de
As founder and leader of GNOME Foundation and member of Free Software Foundation, Miguel is one of the most known persons in Linux development community. With his spirit and energy looks never end, Miguel has some efforts to make Linux can accessed and available for every computer users. He brings the same enjoyment for his new position as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Ximian. Before built Ximian, Miquel is one of helper or supporter in Linux developing for SPARC and MC (Midnight Commander) File Manager, and implemented spreadsheet Gnumeric and designer for Bonobo component model that focused on needed of free software users community to development bigger scale application.


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