Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport

This picture I take when transit at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar, South Sulawesi. This airport located about 17 kilometer from Makassar. The terminal is new opened on August 2008. I transit only 30 minutes so I have not enough time bought Makassar traditional food or souvenir.

Jerry Yang: Yahoo! Founder

(photo: Jerry
Jerry Yang, a Taiwan citizen grow up in San Jose - California, is one of Yahoo! creator and founder, the most popular search engine application on internet that begin to developed Yahoo! with his friend David Filo in 1994 and then known as Yahoo! Inc Company in 1995. Yang is one of the world class innovators and leaders that bring Yahoo become number one search engine application. At this time Yang position as Director Board member, that hat duty together with Yahoo! President and CEO to develop company business strategy to directed company in the future. Jerry hold BS academy title in electric engineer major from Stanford University.

Larry Wall : Innovator of Perl Scripting Language

(photo: Larry
In the scripting programming world who doesn’t know about this man. He is Larry Wall, innovator of Perl scripting language with famous Camel logo. Larry Wall is Greece citizen. In his daily operational system, he used operating system application based on BSD, HPUX, Sun OS/Solaris, and some other platforms.

Miguel de Icaza : Innovator of Window Manager Gnome

(photo:miguel de
As founder and leader of GNOME Foundation and member of Free Software Foundation, Miguel is one of the most known persons in Linux development community. With his spirit and energy looks never end, Miguel has some efforts to make Linux can accessed and available for every computer users. He brings the same enjoyment for his new position as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Ximian. Before built Ximian, Miquel is one of helper or supporter in Linux developing for SPARC and MC (Midnight Commander) File Manager, and implemented spreadsheet Gnumeric and designer for Bonobo component model that focused on needed of free software users community to development bigger scale application.


Tired after go back from Bandung for long week end because Friday is national holiday for Idul Adha, Idul Adha itself is “Festival of Sacrifice” celebrate every Dzulhijjah 10 (Islamic date) by Muslim to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail as an act of obedience to God. When sword is so closed to Ismail neck, Allah changed Ismail with goat. Ismail stills life. I take leave permission for Thursday. On Thursday I go to bus pool at Cikokol, Tangerang. I stuck almost two hours in Karawaci-Kebon Jeruk-Tomang Highway even range distance only 18 kilometer. From Tangerang at 09.00 arrived in Bandung at 16.00. Traffic jam because crowded and heavy rain. Take 7 hours to my parent’s house. Yesterday I back to Tangerang from Bandung (Leuwi Gajah Terminal) at 12.00 and arrived in Tangerang at 15.00, only three hours. In picture you can see situation on the bus. Televison infront us near bus driver just make me dizzy because television broadcast quality is very poor also with sound.

Philips GoGear

Philips launched new Philips GoGear, a portable video digital and audio player. Launch in 4 kind of new GoGear products. Philips GoGear Opus is supreme product from this Philips GoGear, with QVGA 2.8 inch and 8 GB or 16 GB capacity choices. Equipped with excellent audio quality, combined between Philips Fullsound technology and headphone high-definition. Meanwhile Philips GoGear Aria equipped with 2 inch color LCD screen and 4 GB or 8 GB storage capacity, Philips Fullsound technology, Internet video download, and couple pf high definition headphone. Then Philips GoGear Vibe with 1.5 inch screen with artwork album that became one with music file. Another feature that became value added is RDS FM tuner with 20 radio station. The last products is Philips GoGear Mix, that have push-out USB make easier to make file transfer and no need cable.

Motorola Morrison

Android operating system now is many talked and predicted will be competitor to other smartphone user interface that already known likes iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile operating system. Motorola don’t want missed to adopted this user interface and rumour said that Motorola will launched Motorola Morrison with specification used 528 MHz and 256 MB RAM, 320x480 pixel resolution screen equipped with camera with 5 MP censor, and Global Positioning System (GPS) . For storage media, already available microSD slot with 32 GB capacity. Motorola used slide design and hide QWERTY keyboard function for better typing process. The developer will used modification Android user interface and named Blur. This modification user interface combined some social networking function. Motorola Morrison is smart phone and available on October 2009.

USB 3.0 Ten Times Faster Than USB 2.0

USB Impelementer Forum already released final vesion of USB 3.0 also known as SuperSpeed USB with maximum speed reached 5 Gbps (compared with USB 2.0 speed that only have 480 Mbps or 1/10 from USB 3.0. Wow...). To get this faster transfer rate, this new USB cable equipment with two pair additional seperated cable and shield. This new standard also can send and receive data in the same speed that condition can’t you find in previous USB version. Connection done with five new contact pointers integrated inside old A type connector.Because space no more available, for micro, mini, and B type connecter provided an adoptor. This new USB equioment can know it from blue color connector

Bunaken and Tondano Lake

The second day in Manado after the shocking landing I planned to Bunaken. Bunaken is the famous tourism place in North Sulawesi especially for diving and undersea panorama. After meeting at 11.00 (local place) I and with some friend directly go to the port not so far away from Quality Hotel Manado where meeting held. Maybe only takes 10 minutes to location. My friend in Manado says the best time to visit Bunaken at the morning before 08.00 because waves not really big. My friend right, when we crossed sea to Bunaken, we faced big waves. Ha..ha..ha…two of my friends get seasick. They only keep silent on the ship, poor of them. Bunaken undersea view is magnificent and so beautiful. I can see many beautiful fish and coral. After that we go to Bunaken Island for lunch and drink coconut milk. Because we take rest too long in that Island, we late to see sunset in Tondano Lake is 28 km but take one hour to get there because passed many winding roads. In our trip I saw two accidents, two car in nearly location fell into the cliff. Unfortunately, because we already late from Manado we can see sunshine. It’s already dark in Tondano Lake, we can’t see the lake because is night and not enough light around location.

Sorafenib Research for Cancer Keep Continue

Bayer Schering Pharma continued their research and experiments in some kind of cancers treatment, beside liver cancer and kidney cancer. That research included sorafenib use efficacy in some lung cancer cases, breast cancer, skin cancer, thyroid cancer and leukemia. Advanced research done after sorafenib considered effective to blockade growth and spread of cancer cell in liver cancer and kidney cancer. Bayer Schering Pharma invested US$ 400 million to help researchers for this program. This thing said by Dr Dimitris Voliotis, Vice President of Global Clinical Development Bayer Healthcare Montville, United States, in symposium in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday September 27, 2009. “Sorafenib by clinical proven able to blockade growth and spread of cancer cell in liver cancer and kidney cancer. So still any hope, sorafenib effectively to pressure roven able to pressure growth and spread another kind cancer cell cases. That we are doing at this time to make observation with another 200 researchers from all over the world,” says Voliotis. Research done with used sorefenib tablet production of Bayer with trade mark Nexavar, the only one sorafenib tablet that accepted to use in many countries. Hoped the result from this research can be accepted in 2010. “One of expectations to know is phase III sorafenib efficacy research for nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC)," says Voliotis. Director of Barcelona Clinic Lever Cancer Group Professor Jordi Bruix clarified that liver cancer commonly treatment already in advanced stadium, in that time operation to remove cancer cell or transplantation can not to do anymore. One of cause is syndrom of this disease not specific. In some cases, patient no feel anything of liver cancer till in advanced stadium. "Sorafenib proven to blockade growth and spread of cancer cell so patient life expectation increased and sorefenib safe for long term consumption. Even in Spain sorafenib can get free because paid by government," says Bruix.

Card Helps Recovery

Want to help recovery process person who have mental health problem? Just give them sincere attention and gift fill with positive message for spirit raise. This kind of simple attention according to The Royal College of Psychiatrist proven helped recovery process. From research result tested to 131 patients with mental health problem like reported by BBC News sites on Friday October 9, 2009 most of patients feel helped because get card with writing hopefully a speedy recovery or always thinking of you. “Card or anything can be reminder that outside world still care and give attention. Usually people don’t know what must have to say or do when their friend or family have mental health problem that finally make them chose to keep silent,” says a consultant psychiatrist and member of Royal College of Psychiatrist’s, Dr Peter Byrne.

Cigarettes Smoke Cause Lever Disease

Researchers American connected second smoker at fatty liver non-alcoholic on mice. Study not only found fat heap in mice liver cell at laboratory exposed by cigarettes smoke and explained how cigarettes smoke have impact to two important fat synthetic regulators in molecule level. Study leader from University of California, Riverside, found cigarettes smoke exposure blocked first regulator named adenosine monophosphate kinase and this triggered second regulator: sterol regulatory element binding protein for triggered fat acid synthetic inside liver. Researchers said that forbidden smoke can help to prevent not only cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease and cancer, but also liver disease. For study goal, researcher formulated second smoker as combination between smoke that exhaled and smoke that came from end of burning cigarettes. Fatty liver non-alcoholic disease caused by chronic liver injured when fat collected inside human liver who drink a little bit of alcohol or no alcohol consumption. In the worst level, this disease cause liver failure. This study published in Journal of Hepatology.

Chicken Egg Increased Sex Libido

Chicken Egg proven to increased sex libido very strong than formulated with name Ardon in America and Libido in other countries. Even experiment not have done yet to man, egg concentrate effective enough to cure lack of libido. Albumen known as vitamin B source, especially B6 and B5, that is panthotenic acid. This panthotenic able to presence passion in bed, because have power to make balance hormone content and effective for energy keeper and stress release. Then yolk egg contained lecytin to influence sexual hormone secretion. Because of that suggested for new married couple to eat egg as many as possible so “ready to fight”.

Candle Light Dinner Danger

Candle light dinner often looks like romantic moment for spouse who falling in love. But candle also have hidden dangerous because it also source of indoor air pollution. Researchers from South Carolina State University, United States of America, compared between petroleum candle substance and vegetable candle substance to knowing their emission. They burned some kind of candle inside a little box. After that, their analyzed air inside the box. The result is candle with paraffin substance – the easiest substance of candle that find in market – evidently produces dangerous smoke contained toluene and benzene. Researchers concluded that lightened candle now and again (not often) is not dangerous. But, if you often lightened candle in poor ventilation room can cause health disorder like allergy and throat inflamed.

Duty Call to Manado

For three days started from Wednesday November 18, 2009 to November 20, 2009 I got duty call to Manado, North Sulawesi (Celebes) to following meeting about Indonesia Fiscal Stimulus for Highway and Bridge. So in Wednesday I must to Manado used Lion Airline from Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta. My schedule flight at 13.30 but flight must be delayed because operational reason. Do you know why this flight must delay? The reason because there two passengers have the same seat number. They are argued and don’t want to give in the seat because one of them must move to the backmost seat number 38. Nobody wants. This argued makes flight delayed for 25 minutes. An old woman passenger gives solution to give her seat to one of them. Flight with Boeing 737-800 ER but the weather condition is not really good. Jakarta-Manado takes time 3 hours and 20 minutes. This flight makes me nervous because the plane often passed dark cloud. I can see thunders from plane window when came near to Manado. The flight also must hard landing at Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado because heavy rain. Thank God finally I arrived safely in Manado, capital of North Sulawesi Province. You can see at my picture, the airport was heavy rain and wet. Then I hail taxi in the rain to Hotel Quality in Manado, I already check in at that hotel. It’s takes 30 minutes to go there. I am starving.

Meeting with DPRD

Today I and my boss have meeting with Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah (DPRD) or Regional Representatives Council from Cilacap Regency, Central Java Province. They are come with Cilacap Regent. Totally they are 22 persons. I worked in Department of Public Work that concentrated in highway and bridge. The council asked about 2010 program and their proposal about order to bridge because they have low budget for infrastructure field. But Department can fully help them but we also have limited budget especially for upper bridge frame. Proposal for upper bridge frame for all over Indonesia reached 30,000 meter meanwhile supply or ready stock only 1,000 m. We must selective to choice regency that worth to accept aid. Cilacap regency is the largest regency in Central Java (225,360.840 Ha), the capital has the same name Cilacap. For 2010 program, Central Budget only for National highway and for Regency highway not included. For Regency or local highway they must used their own budget. If they think Regency or local highway is important for National traffic, they can submit proposal to our Department. That is mechanism, but this meeting also for establish intimacy between Central government and local government. This meeting takes two hours.

Week End Market

Yes, that picture showed suddenly market at Tangerang. It’s crowded only on the week end, Saturday and Sunday. Outside that day, you can’t found those street vendors. Many things they sold at market, from food, cloth, toys, till vegetable and fruit. Don’t worry about your pocket, almost all products is cheap because this is only small market. You can find t-shirt only Rp 5,000 (US$ 0.5) or sandal with the same price. You can found good quality things if you careful to choose. That picture I take on Sunday at 08.15.

Mango Season

It’s rainy season and also mango season. When last month mango was difficult to find and if we found the price is expensive. But this time at supermalls, markets, and street vendors, you will easily to find mango. Like I posting photo mangos that I saw at market. Those mango name are “arum manis” (Indonesia language means fragrant and sweet). I bought 2 kg with price Rp. 10,000 (or US$ 1, that’s cheap enough) at street vendor near my home. Mango contained beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin C. Good for health. You see in picture those mangos sale on becak (traditional tricycle vehicle) and a scale.

Rain Season in Jakarta

Jakarta now is entering rain season. Every morning is always dark cloud or rainy. Usually I used motorcycle to office but till Friday I decided to take public bus for my activity. Why? Because like last week I was can’t go anywhere, stuck at my office. Heavy rain condition makes me think twice to go home. At that day I left my motorcycle to office boy. Even I used public bus, I still stuck on the bus because some area in Jakarta flood and traffic jam. If I used motorcycle to office only take 45 minutes. But by bus takes normally 2 hours but in that situation takes more than 3 hours. Even distance range from my home to office about 30 km. I wasting a lot of my precious time. I overcome this situation by bring magazine or newspaper, a mineral water bottle, and mp3 player. Try to sleep but I can’t. Like today, I stuck in my trip. Late to my office because heavy rain. Everyday likes Sunday? I don't think so. This is not likes Sunday when you arrived at office in wet condition. I hopes not get flu.

Introduce Posting

This is my new blog. I planned to used another name for this blog but unfortunately, I am late. My favorite name for this blog already used by another blogger. So i pick this name, Jupiter. Why? Because Jupiter is the fifth planet from Sun and the largest the largest in the solar system. Named after the ruler of the gods in Roman mythology, Jupiter 1,400 times the Earth but only 318 times more mass. I hope this blog can bigger and bigger. Jupiter also familiar name and easy to remember. Welcome to my blog. This blog I used to share my knowledge and life experience. I hope you can enjoy read my posting.