Cigarettes Smoke Cause Lever Disease

Researchers American connected second smoker at fatty liver non-alcoholic on mice. Study not only found fat heap in mice liver cell at laboratory exposed by cigarettes smoke and explained how cigarettes smoke have impact to two important fat synthetic regulators in molecule level. Study leader from University of California, Riverside, found cigarettes smoke exposure blocked first regulator named adenosine monophosphate kinase and this triggered second regulator: sterol regulatory element binding protein for triggered fat acid synthetic inside liver. Researchers said that forbidden smoke can help to prevent not only cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease and cancer, but also liver disease. For study goal, researcher formulated second smoker as combination between smoke that exhaled and smoke that came from end of burning cigarettes. Fatty liver non-alcoholic disease caused by chronic liver injured when fat collected inside human liver who drink a little bit of alcohol or no alcohol consumption. In the worst level, this disease cause liver failure. This study published in Journal of Hepatology.
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