Bunaken and Tondano Lake

The second day in Manado after the shocking landing I planned to Bunaken. Bunaken is the famous tourism place in North Sulawesi especially for diving and undersea panorama. After meeting at 11.00 (local place) I and with some friend directly go to the port not so far away from Quality Hotel Manado where meeting held. Maybe only takes 10 minutes to location. My friend in Manado says the best time to visit Bunaken at the morning before 08.00 because waves not really big. My friend right, when we crossed sea to Bunaken, we faced big waves. Ha..ha..ha…two of my friends get seasick. They only keep silent on the ship, poor of them. Bunaken undersea view is magnificent and so beautiful. I can see many beautiful fish and coral. After that we go to Bunaken Island for lunch and drink coconut milk. Because we take rest too long in that Island, we late to see sunset in Tondano Lake is 28 km but take one hour to get there because passed many winding roads. In our trip I saw two accidents, two car in nearly location fell into the cliff. Unfortunately, because we already late from Manado we can see sunshine. It’s already dark in Tondano Lake, we can’t see the lake because is night and not enough light around location.

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